Supernatural: Are Miracles Possible Today?

David Hume, the skeptic-philosopher once wrote, “A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature” and that miracle accounts only arise in “the most ignorant and barbarous” peoples. In other words, belief in miracles = stupidity/gullibility. The Western world, by and large, took Hume’s rejection of miracles hook, line, and sinker. We are children of the Enlightenment; natural doubters 7 skeptics. Only recent discoveries in science and advances in philosophy have reopened the door to justified belief in the miraculous. Yet, we find numerous instances of miracles recorded in the Bible. Were the biblical writers mistaken…or is it the skeptics who are mistaken? If God exists, doesn’t that open the door to miracles? If God exists, why couldn’t He temporarily suspend natural laws as a sign of His existence and character? If God exists and miracles are possible, it means that I should not limit my prayers. If God can work miracles, then what can He do in my life? Check out this series as we dive into the fascinating world of the miraculous!