Systematic Theology

Have you ever wondered about the age of the earth and how it relates to the veracity of the biblical text? What about Noah’s Flood? Did it happen? If so, was it a local flood or a global catastrophe? Is there any evidence for either? What exactly are Satan, demons, and angels and how do they function in the spiritual world? How do you even know, or can you prove that a spiritual world actually exists? How can Christianity be true when there are so many different denominations? If God knows the future then is there any element of human choice or free will? Is the future “open” or “determined?” How does this relate to evangelism and missions? What will happen to those who have never heard the Gospel or the name of Jesus? Will they go to Heaven or Hell? Is there another way for them to be saved? How can the Bible be true when it has been translated so many times? Is Hell merely a metaphor for the grave or is it a real place where real people go? What happens after death? What about the book of Revelation and the return of Christ?

The Person of the Holy Spirit

John 6:63 Jonathan Sweat, teacher of the Journey Class at Rocky Mount Baptist Church, leads this week’s Bible Study. In this study we discuss what the New Testament has to say about the Holy Spirit, such as who the Holy Spirit indwells, the character of the Holy Spirit, and who He really is. Please follow […]


Genesis 1 Ben Robertson leads our Bible Study on the theological significance of creation. A proper understanding of creation is foundational to the rest of Christian doctrine. Please follow and like us: