The Existence of God

The answer to the question “Does God exist?” is possibly the most important key in the universe. If God does not exist then is there really any ultimate point to life? What about the burden of proof concerning the existence of God? Should theists have to prove the existence of God or should atheists be required to disprove the existence of God? Is there a relationship between the existence of God and morality? Upon what basis can we call things “good” or “evil” if God does not exist? Does scientific evidence support or deny the existence of a Creator? Even if there is substantive evidence for the existence of God, how does one know which God to choose? Come join us for this 6-part intellectually stimulating series as we peel back the layers of the greatest questions of existence!

October 4 – Part 1 If God does not exist: The Absurdity of Atheism

October 11 – Part 2 Properly Basic Beliefs: Who has the burden of proof?

October 18 – Part 3 Conscience: God and Morality

October 25 – Part 4 Design: The Teleological Argument

November 1 – Part 5 Cosmos: The Cosmological Argument

November 8 – Part 6 Which God? Supernaturalism and the Resurrection