The Gospel of Luke

Is the Jesus of the Bible the Jesus of history? Does the New Testament actually teach that Jesus was born of a virgin? What is the importance of Mary’s Magnificat? Does “being a prophet” always involve foretelling the future? What evidence is there that Jesus actually existed? What did Jesus actually come to do? If Jesus was human but also the Son of God, at what point did Jesus realize that He was the Messiah? What did Jesus do between the ages of 12 and 30(ish)? Is there any evidence that Jesus traveled to India and studied Eastern religion during his “Missing Years?” What was the significance of John the Baptist wearing a camel’s hair coat and eating honey and bugs? What are the scary facts about God’s wrath and judgment? How do I know if I have truly repented? What is “baptism by fire?” Does demonization or demon possession still happen today? How can I be sure that Christ can save me and keep me saved? Check out our study in the Gospel of Luke to get a clearer picture of the Historical Jesus…the Jesus of the New Testament.