Through the Eyes of Jesus: A Journey Through the Sermon on the Mount

“Perception is reality,” or so they say. Our eyes can be deceived. In a world of smoke and mirrors, we have a desperate need to see clearly. In our series, Through the Eyes of Jesus: A Journey through the Sermon on the Mount, we will encounter Jesus’ shockingly counter-cultural but life-changing worldview. We will address issues such as how to deal with jerks, how to tackle anger issues, how we’re to think about our money, how to pray, and many other important topics. The question is simply, “How does Jesus view the world?” Then we must ask, “Do I view the world the same way?”

Religious Pied Pipers, Part 2

Matthew 7:15-20 Be on the lookout for imitations. Important Distinction: Unbalanced teaching is not the same as blatantly false teaching. False teaching is blatantly denying the truth or claiming things as true that are actually false. On the other hand, unbalanced teaching is neglecting to talk about all things that are true; only telling part […]

Scary Prayers: Part 3

Matthew 6:9-15 Praying for God’s will to be done may mean radical adjustments to your life. The Lord’s Prayer, the model prayer for submission to God, can be scary if we’re running from God but the greatest comfort if we’re running to Him. Please follow and like us: