5 v 5 Basketball

5v5 is a basketball ministry established to create fellowship and discipleship in our church and in our neighboring community. we chose to tie the name of this ministry to the scripture verse: 1 john 5:5 which says, “who is it that overcomes the world? only the one who believes that jesus is the son of god.” Through this ministry we hope to reach the community with the hope that comes from a relationship with christ so they too can overcome the present troubles in their lives. 5v5 is here for all ages sharing in the love for the game of basketball, while sharing the message of jesus christ.

Each sunday afternoon, 5v5 ministries runs games on the courts at mary elizabeth park. each week also has a “verse of the week” which is highlighted on social media and a devotion is given on it weekly.

To learn more about 5v5 r see each week’s pictures, find us on social media @5v5ministires

Date subject to change

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