Prison Ministry

The attendance in our weekly prison inmate bible study has gone from 1-2 per week to 15-20 per week over the past years. we have also given out nearly 100 study bibles to our inmates over this time. we have seen a number of inmates make decisions for the lord, follow him in believer’s baptism, and some have even joined our church membership once they receive their release. it is through your continued prayers and giving that this ministry can continue to be successful and grow.


We fellowship with the inmates each saturday from 3:30pm until about 4:30pm.


The jail provides us with a very nice private classroom setting in the visitation building on East Court Street


our fellowship time involves casual conversation and relationship building, group prayer time, and a bible study.


Well honestly…we are hoping you!

New volunteers are not required to lead bible studies, and you will not be asked to go without another volunteer present.


these men enjoy the visits immensely and they are desperately in need of christian fellowship. it has also proven to be an exciting life-changing experience for our volunteers.

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