July 2015 Newsletter

Posted: July 01, 2015

Stirring testimonies this past Sunday! Praise God for our Fusion Student Mission Team who helped with extensive renovations in a church in the greater Richmond, Virginia, area.

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June 2015 Newsletter

Posted: June 01, 2015

A mission trip to Costa Rica and a student mission trip to Richmond, VA, VBS preparations, and our regular weekly ministries qualify for a busy month!

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May 2015 Newsletter

Posted: May 01, 2015

A couple of years ago Dr. Thom Rainer lit up the Christian blogosphere with a rather shocking article: The 10 Warning Signs of an Inwardly Obsessed Church. From toddlers to seniors, we all have the tendency to turn inward.

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April 2015 Newsletter

Posted: April 01, 2015

Easter is the first Sunday in April (April 5th). As you know, more unchurched people are open to coming to church on Easter and Christmas than any other times of the year. What an amazing opportunity we have this Easter!

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March 2015 Newsletter

Posted: March 01, 2015

As we continue through the book of Habakkuk, a number of truths stands out: God is sovereign over the rise and fall of nations, oppressors will not escape judgment, and trust in God is a necessary ingredient to remaining faithful in an insane world.

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February 2015 Newsletter

Posted: February 01, 2015

Let’s talk about Missions. Our Missions giving for 2014 was $38,175. Some may say that this $38,175 could have been spent here in Franklin County.

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January 2015 Newsletter

Posted: January 01, 2015

Everything is new… at least that’s what the calendar says. Often we make New Year’s Resolutions because the year is new… and if we don’t, we feel like a slob. Something about the freshness of a new year often implies the possibility of change.

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December 2014 Newsletter

Posted: December 01, 2014

It’s often said that the Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s interesting how we can become so enamored with the season while forgetting, even though it sounds cliché, the reason for the season.

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November 2014 newsletter

Posted: November 01, 2014

What a fantastic month we’ve just experienced! Glory be to God that our first ever Harvest Festival was so blessed! Those with the spiritual gift of counting figured we had well over 200 people in attendance with many of those unchurched.

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October 2014 Newsletter

Posted: October 01, 2014

October will be an exciting month for RMBC! On Sunday, October 26 at 2:00 p.m., the Parcell Farm will host our first ever Harvest Festival! The following Sunday, November 2, we will host a Family Enrichment Weekend.

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September 2014 Newsletter

Posted: September 01, 2014

God has blessed RMBC this year in many ways! While we are grateful for His blessing we still have much work to do for His glory. There are over 36,000 unchurched people in our county alone. So what can we do to reach out to them? I’m so glad you asked!

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August 2014 Newsletter

Posted: August 01, 2014

Vacation Bible School 2014 has been a fantastic success! I’m so proud of you all in truly reaching out to your friends and family. Our high attendance night hosted 182 participants! That’s the most that we’ve ever had so to God be the glory!

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Vacation Bible School 2014

Posted: July 22, 2014

Welcome to Jungle Safari VBS – where kids will explore the nature of God!

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July 2014 Newsletter

Posted: July 01, 2014

What an incredible youth mission trip! 1 Timothy 4:12 states, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (ESV).

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June 2014 Newsletter

Posted: June 01, 2014

I’m compelled to share with you a blog post I wrote a couple of months ago for this simple reason: we probably all know people who think they are good enough to get into heaven or too messed up that God can’t save them.

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May 2014 Newsletter

Posted: May 01, 2014

In our series, “Through the Eyes of Jesus,” we’ve come across a number of shocking passages. One of the most jolting is what is most familiar: The Lord’s Prayer.

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April 2014 Newsletter

Posted: April 01, 2014

If you’ve been listening closely, you’ll notice a recurring theme of connecting with an Unreached or Unengaged People Group. According to the International Mission Board these groups are defined as follows. . .

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March 2014 Newsletter

Posted: March 01, 2014

It’s difficult to know where to begin! God has blessed us so much! We have a lot of great stuff coming up! Here are some great events we have coming up at RMBC. . .

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February 2014 Newsletter

Posted: February 01, 2014

I am truly grateful to have been given yet another year to take part with you in the Great Commission. Also, I want to recap our Sanctity of Human Life sermon to provide additional insight into what is often a controversial topic, even within the church.

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January 2014 Newsletter

Posted: January 01, 2014

A new year is upon us! For many, the idea of New Year’s Resolutions is a fresh start for new challenges. For others, it is an annual reminder of the failures of the past year.

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December 2013 Newsletter

Posted: December 01, 2013

Tis the season of giving. Once the presents are opened and the wrapping paper is strewn all over the living room the excitement begins to die down. The new quickly becomes old and we are faced with the task of finding places to store the new gifts.

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November 2013 Newsletter

Posted: November 01, 2013

Pastor Jeff, Sue Beckett, and Brad Osgood report on their experiences during our Romania Missions Trip.

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October 2013 Newsletter

Posted: October 01, 2013

Americans annually spend over $5 billion on Halloween. Yes…five…billion…American…dollars.

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September 2013 Newsletter

Posted: September 01, 2013

I’ve been reading through 2 Kings and came across an unusually intriging account of God delivering His people (2 Kings 6:24-7:20). Ben-hadad, the Syrian tyrant-king had gathered his entire army and surrounded Samaria in a siege death grip.

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August 2013 Newsletter

Posted: August 01, 2013

What a fantastic Vacation Bible School! God was greatly glorified by you going out to the highways and the byways and compelling people to come in (Luke 14:23)! Tuesday was our biggest night with 135 people in attendance. Our total enrollment was 167.

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July 2013 Newsletter

Posted: July 01, 2013

What is the worth of a child? Notice how Jesus addresses the value of children:

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June 2013 Newsletter

Posted: June 01, 2013

Summer is here and some amazing things are happening at Rocky Mount Baptist Church. On Memorial Day, we had 106 in Sunday School. We’ll have to call out the serious RMBC historians to discover the last day that we had that many in Bible study!

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May 2013 Newsletter

Posted: May 01, 2013

On May 1, Rocky Mount Baptist Church voted, by an overwhelming majority, to approve the unanimous recommendation of the Deacons and Stewardship Committee and proceed with the purchase of a new sound system and projectors for the sanctuary.

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April 2013 Newsletter

Posted: April 01, 2013

April is going to be an absolutely exciting month! First, due to our spring snowstorm, we were unable to dive into our study on “Modern Miracles,” in our Supernatural sermon series.

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March 2013

Posted: March 01, 2013

I’m so encouraged by our church body! For our first ever “Reach Out” event, we had 22 people come out to visit and share their faith!

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February 2013 Newsletter

Posted: February 01, 2013

2013 has started off with a bang! In the first month of 2013 we have already had a team from our faith family embark on an international Missions trip to Costa Rica!

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January 2013 Newsletter

Posted: January 03, 2013

Happy New Year! After seeking the Lord’s guidance, I believe 2013 is our “Year of Outreach.”

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December 2012 Newsletter

Posted: December 02, 2012

I have a confession: over Thanksgiving break I watched a movie with my parents. . . a Hallmark movie.

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Mission Report from Susan Lynch

Posted: November 24, 2012

We have begun to help in the mornings with a preschool filled with nearly 40 children ranging in age from 3-5. . .

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October 2012 Newsletter

Posted: October 01, 2012

Next month millions of Americans will cast a vote for everyone from dogcatcher to President of the United States. How should Christians approach the ballot box?

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September 2012 Newsletter

Posted: September 01, 2012

Here we are again at the bend in the road where both the leaves and weather will soon be changing. Vacations are winding down and students and teachers begin the arduous task of another academic year. . .

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August 2012 Newsletter

Posted: August 04, 2012

Praise the Lord for the safe travel to and from Costa Rica! Our mission team did an outstanding job all through the week! We had the opportunity. . .

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Costa Rica Missions Trip

Posted: July 10, 2012

We believe that Jesus was serious when he proclaimed, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. . .

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Vacation Bible School 2012

Posted: June 24, 2012

On an Amazing Desert Journey, children will learn about God’s plan to rescue them from sin and death through His Son, Jesus, who even now is preparing a Heavenly home for them and all who believe!

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Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Posted: May 05, 2012

Join us on for our first ever Ultimate Frisbee Tournament!

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Pastor Jeff Addresses Franklin County Board of Supervisors

Posted: April 17, 2012

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors considered a motion that they discontinue opening meetings with a prayer. During the public comments portion of the meeting, Pastor Jeff offered a statement in opposition to the motion.

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