If you have made a commitment to become a follower of Jesus, baptism is the next step in your faith journey. Baptism itself does not save but is a public declaration of your allegiance to Jesus. The beauty of baptism is that it represents the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as well as a picture of the death of our old way of life. This public and physical picture of an internal change is a powerful way to impact your friends and family without having to say a word.

We’ve found many people who were raised in church were baptized at a young age but experienced no lasting heart change until later in life. If that describes your experience, we encourage you consider being baptized on the “right side” of your genuine heart change.

We recommend all those considering baptism to take our Membership Class. For more information on baptism or to sign up for the Membership Class, email us at info@rockymountbaptistchurch.com

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